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187. Deathwish 6

posted 18th Apr 2021, 6:14 PM

187. Deathwish 6
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18th Apr 2021, 6:14 PM


The mace, despite the odds, struck square and straight!

The zombie girl felt the weight of one of the mace's main hooked spike snag around her ankle, and was shoved off balance for it. She slid clumsily against the grass for several feet, coming to a confused rest 'ass over tea kettle' as they used to say. It was the best shot Beltresz could have made, even in good conditions. She pumped her fists in victory, not really believing she had even made it. Siouxsie, for her part, didn't seem even hurt. Just stunned and bewildered.

Turning around, she saw the weary but elated Harrier hustle up to her.


Beltresz's hand covered Siouxsie's mouth. "Shhhh..."

Making sure nothing was approaching, Beltresz whispered. "You have to be very quiet, Siouxsie. I think I know why you're here- everything is going to be okay if we don't make a sound, okay? Don't worry about Tulsan right now. Our camp is over there- we'll explain everything. Do you understand?"

The zombie blinked and nodded. She didn't, but she was willing to find out.

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