Bonus Art

Bali-la Webbed

Shovel Witch Commission by Lady J

Courtesan Bali-la
by Grey Garou

Bali-la in spiderling nest
by Faust11

Silken Love Nest

Demonstration of Veves

Veves are clan symbols. By the authority of the Mushroom Goddess (a neutral high spirit who impartially observes territories in exchange for everyone allowing her mushrooms to grow all over the place), these mark a clan's effective boundaries. They allow friend and rival alike to know the extent of a clan's grasp. When a clan loses ground to another or abandons their land, the mushrooms change their veve symbols to depict a new clan's symbol if it was forcefully taken or the veve simply goes blank to indicate no one leading power is in charge, if anyone.

Each clan's Veve is often indicative or symbolic of something about the clan or their identity. The scorpion people are the Sun Clan, and have an obvious sun-like design. The Death Clan bear an inverted ankh, indicating their assassin focus. Longtooths resembles two cross open alligator jaws. Fishers get one resembling a hook, while Harrier one (wasps) is more difficult to interpret. The 'v' indicates wings, while the outer four points are arms/legs. The long mid point is representative of a stinger. The symbol is flipped to subtly indicate that particular clan will travel 'above and below' to accomplish their goals. The obfuscation was based on how some constellations take a lot of interpretation to see what they represent.
Demonstration of Veves