Bali's Bio




















Full Name: Bali-la (means Bell Flower)

Race: Xibalban

Affiliation: Death Clan

Caste: Courtesean

First Story Appearance: Page 4

Height: 5'8

Weight: 135 lbs

Personality: Friendly, assertive, bold, protective, free spirited

Allies: Karolina, Siouxsie

Special Abilities: Web weaving, Exceptional sound detection

Mundane skills: Singing, Dancing, Wilderness Survival, Proficient Fighter

Flaws: Reckless, illiterate

Main Possessions: A black beaded necklace













Full Name: Karolina Bailey (the Shovel Witch)

Race: Human

Affiliation: Last surviving member of the village of Adelaide

First Story Appearance: Page 2

Height: 5'8

Weight: 145 lbs

Personality: Curious, anxious, well intentioned, hard working

Allies: Bali, Siouxsie

Special Abilities: Limited spell casting abilities

Mundane Skills: Grave digging, mortuary practices, and anatomical knowledge

Flaws: Entry level grasp of magic, limited worldly understanding

Main Possessions: Her trusty shovel and spellbook. Sometimes a witch's cap.















Full Name: 'Siouxsie Q'

Race: Zombie

Affiliation: Possibly from Adelaide village

First Story Appearance: Page 10

Height: 5'9 (variable posture)

Weight: 120 lbs

Personality: Child-like and trusting

Allies: Bali, Karolina

Special Abilities: Unknown

Mundane Skills: Unknown

Flaws: Struggles with basic language, low comprehension skills

Main Possessions: None


Full Name: Saiya

Race: Xibalban

Affiliation: Ophidians

Caste: Scout

First Story Appearance: Page 30

Height: 5'10

Weight: 158lbs

Personality: Mild mannered, honorable, dutiful

Allies: Rathalos

Special Abilities: Can stretch limbs into whip-like appendages, likely venomous

Mundane Skills: Excellent Swimmer, Scouting

Flaws: Mainly capable of only fighting at mid-range against opponents.

Main Possessions: A golden torq.


Full Name: Rathalos (aka Richard Walker)

Race: Xibalban

Affiliation: Longtooths

Caste: Shaman

Height: 5'10

Weight: 215lbs

Personality: Manipulative, Wistful

Allies: Saiya

Special Abilities: Unknown

Mundane Skills: Negotiation

Flaws: Relatively frail

Main Possessions: None