2. The Shovel Witch of Adelaide

posted 26th Apr 2017, 6:29 AM

2. The Shovel Witch of Adelaide
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26th Apr 2017, 6:29 AM


It was said that the world was once a very different place. The rules were all different, they told her. They had lived through the cataclysm somehow, those infamous long Days of the Herald as a scant few others had. Inexplicably, they were spared from the waking shadows, tumultuous storms, and those monsters which crawled like men- and yet for all her heritage, she knew nothing of that world, save for fables and traumatized anecdotes that would not fade with the passing of years.

It sounded mythical. Many times, children born after the end of the human world did not always believe the stories their ancestors told. She did, but she felt disconnected from them all the same. Earth, the world was once called! Back when mankind had machines to perform miracles, tall buildings to protect them, and laws which often seemed more important than reality. The way her parents spoke, there seemed to be a time when mankind had some form of divine right to rule the world as they saw fit. It was not a perfect world, but it was theirs. Wrecked concrete, metal, and other decimated lingering bits of that human dominated world told a more poignant tale of the end of games. If Xibalba could respond in commentary, it would paraphrase the infamous poem of 'Ozymandias'.

"And on the pedestal these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away."
-Percy Shelley

The young witch, however, knew mainly of Xibalba, a great strange land of different rules altogether, than that of which her parents recalled with rose tinted glasses. The differences were telling, as anyone who knew would admit. Xibalba! Where the sky was solely either black or a hazy orange. Xibalba! Where the very notion of disease was forbidden and a man alone could mend from nearly any wound if he had the strength of will to survive it. It was in this new frontier, for better or worse, where the laws of men no longer held sway. Those like her were dying out, slowly becoming obsolete and out competed in the the hostile wilds.

The Xibalbans themselves were well adapted to this new world... as their legends supposedly told, it belonged to them long in the past and it was the arrival of a force known as The Herald which forged it anew. But where The Herald gave the motley subterranean Xibalbans their promised land, it was sown with generous amounts of human blood and a cacophony of death cries. It was something her parents could not easily accept. She felt blessed only that she could not entirely live in the past as they did, despite her love for them. They dreamed of a heritage that would never return.

As many things dwelled upon, it was a matter now trapped in the past of maudlin memories. As were her beloved mother and father. And the rest of the village of Adelaide, for that matter. She was all that remained now of that small group of isolationist humans, by nothing more than dumb chance. The reality had made her frozen and numb in many ways. Now, she too, was stuck in the past, as she sat in a makeshift graveyard and thanklessly continued the family business, digging grave after grave for all who once dwelled in Adelaide, month by month. She wanted them to be remembered, even if no one else was there to recall their names. Her name was Karolina; the shovel witch of Adelaide.

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15th Jun 2017, 10:15 PM


"...and laws which often seemed more important than reality."
I can't agree with that. Contrary to popular belief, wolves do not eat their children' as dramatized in human folklore. It is considered as psychopathic among them, as us.There are universal laws. These laws are reality. They cannot be escaped.

"...where the laws of men no longer held sway." If the laws of men dictate that disease is not obsolete, then this new world is indeed spectacular. But if the laws of men, here, keep in stride with the laws of my world. Then a disease is only a matter of exorcizing a demon as the Bible says. Or spitting on a gaping wound to heal it as it also says. As Jesus/God has ordained-if you're into that stuff. If a god dictates what is reality. Is that no different than natural law? Is natural law, then, superseding all else? God, or no god. Are we not beholden to law? Are these maudlin memories not truth. Is that not why Karolina believes the old stories? Does she not recognize delusional fantasy from delusion itself? Will she bring back the human world where all else is murdered and burned. "You are not to allow a witch to live. That is what the Bible states. Is that not the world her parents cherish? Or does Karolina recognize the right to life, of existence, for all?

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