Arachnid Goddess 2

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63. Gift Horse

posted 23rd Jul 2018, 10:26 PM

63. Gift Horse
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23rd Jul 2018, 10:26 PM


"I think you're wearing out your welcome, little envoy," the King grunted, growing tired and annoyed with the small mushroom girl. He slowly began to stand, grunting as he stretched his back. "I don't acknowledge your people's weird claim over deciding our territory, Rottkap. Maybe you should go before I feel I don't have to tolerate your particular presence, hm?"

She ignored him utterly.
"The first law," she began. "You shall suffer neither slings nor arrows." He paused, finding her need to recite old well known Shadow Laws to be peculiar. There was no actual order to the Laws either, not as far as he knew.

"The second law, thy will to survive can exceed their ability to harm."

" plague or age may claim thee."

" shall hear and speak the tongues of others."

"...violence is the ultimate authority. Love is the ultimate freedom."

"Grrr! Enough of this!" bellowed the King, growing impatient. "Is there a point to any of this!?"

Rottkap composed herself calmly. "By order of the Queen, the Law of Plagues is revoked from this tribe for one year. Only then, amongst the Longtooth survivors, will she consider a penance served or the contract broken."

"Wait, what... wa..." the King gripped his head within moments of hearing her announcement. "My head... what's happening? It's screaming... it hurts! I feel hot inside..."

He reached out to the mushroom girl, but found his motor skills rapidly abandoning him as a long dormant and repressed illness he carried suddenly awoke. He collapsed to the ground, gripping his skull, making a seething sound as he breathed in intense pain.

She touched his forehead gently and examined him, reading something in the Longtooth that wasn't obvious to any other.

"Meningitis," she said vacantly. "You might still survive if you have the will to do so... but I believe this was typically quite fatal to humans without their medicines and doctors. I wonder if your kind have any like that?"

"Or have you eaten the latter and denied yourself the former? Such is the fate of a brute, dear King."

"It's going to be a long year," she said to him as she turned about and left, watching as plague and once suppressed disease flowed through the Longtooths. The Law of Shadows may have been the force behind repealing all sickness in Xibalbans, but it was the domain of the eternally neutral children of Zanza-Anzulu who arbitrated and determined those who could or would not follow the rules that bound the many disparate barbarians together. It was an old pact, one clearly forgotten by the descendants of an old breed reduced to cheap tactics in the eyes of Xibalba.

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23rd Jul 2018, 11:46 PM

Grey Garou

Wow. Mushroom Gal certainly had an ace up her sleeve. I was going to ask why she didn't remind him of that law which repels illness and that her tribe could revoke that any time they wanted.

But I figured that the Gator Boys weren't going to listen to ANY words. Only by suffering the consequences would these leatherheads get the point.

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24th Jul 2018, 5:36 PM


Yep. " plague or age may claim thee." This group of Longtooths is definitely on the thick side. If there's anything left of them after a year of chewing through illnesses, they might learn to respect the traditions and get reinstated. Then again, showing that they can suffer from sickness now is a serious weakness and they're less in a position to hold all that territory they stole from their rivals. Their future is tenuous at best.

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